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How much does tree removal cost?

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Tree removal cost can vary from a few hundred pounds to a few thousand. There are a number of variables that a tree surgeon will take into consideration when determining the the cost to remove a tree.

The cost to remove a tree depends on a few key factors that any tree surgeon will consider when determining the price. These include the tree's size, location and access as well as what the customer wants to do with the stump once the tree is removed. We'll take a look at how each of these factors affects the cost as well as important questions you should ask your tree surgeon before accepting any tree removal quote.

Whether you’ll be glad not to be worrying about that tree in the next storm, or sad to be losing it, now you’ve made the decision to remove the tree you will likely be wondering about the tree removal cost.

If you live in the South Devon area, our price guide might help give a very rough indication of price. Every tree is different, so to give an accurate cost a qualified arborist will need to take a look in person. If you would like a free tree removal quote from The Tree Man, you can book an appointment here, or get in touch to discuss the job.

The factors affecting the cost of tree removal

When determining the cost to remove a tree, we consider and assess the following key factors

  • Size of the tree – I’m sure you guessed it, larger trees tend to cost more to remove. There is just more to do. More tree to remove and more wood to process and dispose of.

  • Location of the tree – sometimes the location of a tree can have the biggest impact on cost. If a tree is close to your house or other structures, the removal will need to be very carefully planned to prevent any damage. The tree will likely be dismantled in smaller pieces, which ultimately will mean the job will take longer.

  • Access – related to the above, if a tree is difficult to access it will likely mean it will take longer to remove the waste. Additionally, if the only access is through the house, the tree will need to be cut into smaller pieces to reduce the risk of damage.

  • Stump Grinding – depending on your reasons for removing the tree, you might decide to have the stump taken care of at the same time as the tree removal.

  • Time and team size – taking all of the above factors into consideration, we then estimate the time and team size required to tackle the job safely. Taking down a small tree with easy access and plenty of space could take just a few hours, on the other hand a large tree close to structures with difficult access could take a few days.

What questions should you ask your tree surgeon?

It is always a good idea to ask your prospective tree surgeon the following questions, even more so if you have received a quote that seems too good to be true! The consequences of tree work not done properly can be huge.

  • Do you have insurance? Ask to see evidence of employers and public liability (recommended £5 million).

  • What are your qualifications? As a minimum they must have NPTC/Lantra qualifications for chainsaw use and assuming the tree isn’t to be felled from the ground they should also have aerial cutting with a chainsaw. For a large tree to be removed in confined spaces a tree surgeon should also be qualified in rigging (lowering the tree in sections by a rope system installed in the tree).

  • How will you do the job? An important question! A quote might be cheap as they are planning to drop large pieces in one go, which although saving on time, it could cause a nasty dent in your garden and risk damage to any nearby structures.

We hope this gives a bit more insight into tree removal cost and how to avoid any nasty surprises. Good luck with your project!


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