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Our Tree Surgeon Prices - Day Rates:

In order to guarantee a certain quality of service we never take on more than two tree surgery jobs a day.  As such, we tend to operate on a half day / full day price structure.  Generally, you can expect The Tree Man teams to cost somewhere in the region of £600 – £900 for a full day.

We don't operate on an hourly rate as it can be misleading and fairly meaningless as a guide to a customer as travel time to and from the site, waste disposal, loading, and unloading have to be taken into account.

Our Tree Surgeon Costs - Job Rates:

The cost varies significantly from job to job. Here is an approximate outline of what sort of costs you can expect.

Tree Removal Cost Guide:

• Tree removal cost (no constraints e.g. access/drop zone obstructions) – £300 for a small tree to £2,100+ for a large tree 
• Large technical felling (e.g. rigging of limbs and specialist equipment) – £1,000 to £3,500+

Tree Pruning Cost Guide:

• Tree pruning cost (reduction, thinning, lifting with no constraints) – £300 for a small tree to £900+ for a large tree

• Pollarding large trees -£700 to £2,500+

• Large technical crown reduction (e.g. rigging of limbs and specialist equipment) – £1,000 to £3,500+

Cost Variables:

As you can tell, these are very rough guides. When visiting a site to quote for a job, there are some key factors that we consider when determining the cost, we cover some of these in more detail here, but to summarise:
• Tree inspection costs
• Size and quantity of trees
• Condition of trees
• Type of work that needs doing
• Access to the trees
• Disposal of waste materials

We can sometimes give tree surgery estimates based off photos, however we believe the price we quote should always be the price you pay and as such we will never give a fixed price quote or take on a job unless we have visited the site in person.

Tree Stump Removal Cost Guide
Tree surgeon mid-cut removing a large tree stem
Tree surgeon mid air between 2 large stems of a partially removed tree

It’s difficult to tell you how much a tree surgeon costs without seeing the tree first as there are a number of factors we assess on site when determining the cost of a job, but we know it is a common question and so this price guide may help. The Tree Man is based in Torquay and so these estimates are most relevant for the South Devon area.


Looking for the tree stump removal cost guide?


Tree Stump Removal Cost Guide:

As a rough guide, our tree stump removal cost tends to be between £150 for small diameter stumps to £450 for large diameter stumps, this includes waste removal.  We don't necessarily charge per stump either, for example several small diameter stumps might still cost £150.

Again, factors such as access will need to be considered, however it is much more straight forward to provide a quote for stump grinding and so we can often provide very accurate estimates and in some cases fixed quotes, based on photos.

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