Are you in need of a professional Tree Surgeon to remove a tree in Exmouth? The Tree Man offers expert tree felling and removal services throughout EX8. 

Specialising in tree removal means you can be confident we have the experience, skills and knowledge to remove your tree safely and professionally. We also offer other tree surgery services such as pruning / surgery and  stump removal.

.  We ensure every job is completed to a high standard and offer a friendly, reliable tree service.  Get in touch or book a free quotation online.  Removal of waste included as standard in every quote. Fully qualified, fully insured.


No project is too big for The Tree Man. Get in touch today for a free quote.


Where there is sufficient space to straight fell a tree safely, we will often recommend to do so.  However, there are a number of reasons this might not be possible. the most common, particularly in built up areas, being due to space restrictions and nearby structures.  In this instance, sectional dismantling, a highly specialised tree felling technique will be used.  This requires the tree to be climbed using a rope and harness and taking it down section by section.

Where structures are particularly close, we will use a rigging system; a highly skilled technique used to ensure the tree removal is safe

You can expect our fully qualified and experienced tree surgeons to conduct a full assessment of the tree, surrounding area and level of risk before determining the best tree felling method to bring down the tree safely.


The Tree Man specialises in large tree felling and can work with any size tree, so get in touch for a free no obligation consultation and to work on a plan for safe and efficient removal of your tree.

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Once you have had that tree removed you might not want a stump left in your otherwise beautiful garden taking up space and becoming a trip hazard.  We also offer stump removal services and would be happy to provide a quote for this as part of your tree removal. 

Get in touch with The Tree Man to discuss getting rid of that tree and stump!

If you do not need a tree to be removed, but are looking to have an existing stump removed, our sister company The Stump Grinders specialises in tree stump removal

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We know how stressful it can be to have a tree cause damage to your property.  In the unfortunate event that you need it, The Tree Man will provide a swift response to remove the hazard and put your mind at ease as quickly as possible.



Trees under Tree Preservation Orders (TPO) and in Conservation Areas require Council permission before they can be pruned or removed.  The Tree Man will happily assess, advise and submit an application on your behalf to the local council, just book an appointment online or give us a call.

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